What is This?

I love stock photography. Well, not all of it. What I love is discovering a perfectly-shot but ridiculous stock image, one so specific it’s doomed to never be used.

“Out of Stock” is my attempt to put some of them to use. Each round, I choose 12 images and invite 11 creative people to write, draw, record, or otherwise create something in response to one of those images. They choose, first come-first serve. I take the leftover 12th image.

They can do whatever they want, provided I can publish the results. This site is a collection of those results.

Volume Seven was guest edited by Joy Carletti. Volume Nine was edited by JR Walsh.

Want to contribute something to Out of Stock? You can contact me at mogolov at gmaildotcom or on Twitter at @out__of__stock, or reach out through the Facebook page.


The site header contains 3 stock photos, all © Depositphotos.com and Depositphotos submitters Feverpitch, coolfonk, and Dmyrto_Z. It also contains a pattern from subtlepatterns.com.