An Introduction to Ballet for Big Men, by Steven Westdahl

funny fat classical dancer on black background

Written and Produced by Steven Westdahl
Photo: ©

Steven recommended that his hip-hop piece carry a (mildly) NSFW warning, so you may want to wear headphones. Please do, it’s worth it!


Steven Westdahl is an Oakland, CA-based writer and performer who has worked with The Second City, The Neo-Futurists, Cartoon Network, Write Club, Shipwreck, and others but he doesn’t work with any of them anymore. He was also the 2010 Air Sex World Champion and the 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year. Nowadays, he splits his time between The Go Game, PlayGround SF, random gigs at the intersection of technology and entertainment, walking his pit bull, and nurturing the recently-planted seeds of an idea for a hip hop concept album.