In Which Charles Wingus Gets It All Off His Chest

Photo: ©
Written by Jill Chmelko
Performed by Andy Chmelko


Jill Chmelko is an editor and photographer living in Boise, Idaho. One of her fondest childhood memories is of performing the entire movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with her brother, Andy, in the driveway for their parents and grandma; Andy played Pee Wee, Jill played everyone else. In her spare time, Jill dons a nun’s habit and collects lingerie for needy, sexy people.

Andy Chmelko is a writer and voice actor from New York City. He has written the original works Heroes, A Perfect Ten, and O Cap’n Me Cap’n for the Onaway Little Theater at Onaway Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio. After beginning his voice acting career four years ago, he has appeared in several video games, including the Wadjet Eye Games: The Blackwell Epiphany, A Golden Wake, Technobabylon, and Shardlight. However, before all of that, Andy began honing his craft at an early age by recording chaotic hilarity with his big sister on their parents’ giant Sony tape recorder in the early-to-mid ‘80s. Thanks, Jill, for collaborating with me one more time!