Mystery Man, by Aeon Wanderers

by Aeon Wanderers
Photo: © robeo123

From the photo above, Andrea Kremer and Owen Hodgson of Aeon Wanderers wrote and recorded an original song and video, “Mystery Man.” The video kicks off Volume 8 of Out of Stock!


So he pops up from the keyboard
He’s smiling bright as the day
But really he doesn’t know you
And he has so much to say
You know he can’t really see you
And he thinks he can’t be seen
But you know you see right through him
When you stare into your screen

He’s a Mystery Man
You can hear him
Mystery Man
You can’t get near him
Mystery Man
Behind the keys he’s someone you don’t really know at all

Then he pops up unexpected
And he types words into your brain
The internet is interconnected
Like an iron ball to a chain
He’s pushing all of your buttons
And he makes words come pouring out
But the meaning still isn’t showing
And he’s sowing seeds of doubt


He thinks he knows
Exactly who you want him to be
And you think you know
Who you’re dealing with
The fact is, the act is
The only thing that you can see
When you’re sharing your feelings
You don’t know who you’re feeling with

When you’re feeling frustrated
Will he miss it every time
And when you’re feeling elated
Can he read between all your lines
Cos there is no way of knowing
Whether that exclamation mark
Is a bang made out of his anger
Or a stroke made in the dark?


©2017 Andrea Kremer and Owen Hodgson
Words: Andrea Kremer; Music: Owen Hodgson


The Aeon Wanderers are Owen Hodgson and Andrea Kremer. Owen Hodgson, onetime geologist and student of psychology, writes and records orchestral pop in Scotland. As “Thinking Aloud” he’s been recording since 1988, with recent collaborative side projects including The Aeon Wanderers and So?. He’s also produced nearly 300 music videos for various artists. Andrea Kremer, an entertainment marketing professional by day, sings with Boston-area bands including Big Giant and The Boston Ill Harmonic, and records cover songs with friends. Owen and Andrea are also a creative/design/video production team for hire, at Shake & Howdy, Inc. (get in touch!)